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Why I Want

To Be An Army


Amy Hale

Guns and war aren’t my thing. Neither is getting my pretty little nails

dirty or even wearing a jumpsuit. I would rather live oblivious with a

Starbucks cup in one hand and an iPhone 6 in the other. I don’t want

to live with a gun in my right and fear in my left. Maybe this makes

me a bad person? I don’t think it does. I think it makes me the same

as everyone else.

Lance Corporal Eamon Hale, 27 years old. Tall, big build. Muscly.

Ginger/brown hair with blue eyes. Moustache. That’s my half-

brother in a nutshell. He’s categorised, known as Hale. A name, but

he’s so much more than that. He’s selfless, brave, loving, kind and

intelligent. But he’s an Army Officer. Why? How would I describe

him? Eamon is 27 years old but to be honest he acts about 57 at times,

and seven at others. He gets mad when I flick channels on TV too

quickly, and he likes Doctor Who. He tickles my little sister and

taught me how to juggle. He has really big, buggy eyes and I hate his

moustache. He makes it curl at the ends because it makes him look

‘sophisticated’. He carries a comb around and talks like he’s an old

man. He’s classic, original. I couldn’t imagine him even going near

Starbucks. He’s very different to anyone else I know. I couldn’t

imagine him in combat either because he wouldn’t hurt a fly. I think

that’s why he’s such a good soldier. He won’t hurt a fly, but he will

protect people. He’s not a weak protector that stands up for people

because he has to, he’s strong. The strongest person I know.

Personally, my family was very worried when he went to

Afghanistan. He told me that I shouldn’t be worried because he isn’t

going into combat; he’s just going to keep the peace. What a powerful

peace it is. Peace isn’t silence or resolution. Peace is protection.

Eamon keeps the peace, that’s what he does. He despises conflict

which is annoying at times when I want to tell him off for eating all

the good yoghurt. It’s good in others because he doesn’t crave conflict

like others where he works. When I tell people that my brother is in

the Army, they get all awkward and mumble, ‘I’m so sorry, is he okay?’

Because the reality of it all is the only Army stories we’re told are of

tough men with tattoos who get killed in combat. What about the

others? They don’t know my brother and his best friend Tilly. Tilly

is a short Aboriginal man who’s really awkward but with a killer

smile and a contagious personality. I often joke to Eamon that they

should get married, because they act like they are already. Mates.

They call each other mates, but they’re brothers. Fighting together