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The Water

Faction 2859

competitor is. Aaliyah Wilson!’

Everyone turns to me with jealousy filling their eyes. I am

astonished, gob-smacked as I make my way to the platform to accept

the honour. All I can think of is how can I do this, leave everyone

behind for who knows how long?

They had planned for the space shuttle to leave at dusk. Now, I

am saying my goodbyes to my family who are just as astonished as

I am. The last person left is my beloved mum.

‘Promise me you will come back safe and sound?’

‘Promise.’ I will never forget the embrace frommymum. Potentially

my last.

I turn to leave for the shuttle. I take my last step on earth, with

Talon, on to the shuttle.

‘There is no turning back now,’ I say with a grin to Talon.

‘Let’s show them what we’re made of.’