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The Water

Faction 2859

by one of the administrators.’


My mind is moving a million miles an hour. Just thinking about

the trial is making me nervous. My heart is beating rapidly; the noise

echoing through my head. I open the door to find a group of


tougher girls than me. Their looks give me shivers. They look at me

like I am the rubbish tossed onto the dirty sidewalk. I start to stretch

to look a bit sportier than I actually am, but all I hear are snorts of


‘Aaliyah Wilson?’

‘Yes, umm, here!’ More snickering.

‘Follow me.’

The journey to the arena takes forever. I lose count of the tiles on

the floor at around about 194.

Deep breaths, Aaliyah, deep breaths



I turn around to see a mysterious grey-eyed boy.

‘Oh, hi, um, yeah, just a little.’

‘Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll ace it.’


And off he went before I could say bye. Thoughts of him filled my

head. Who was he?

Focus, Aaliyah, this is your only chance to prove your


, I tell myself.

‘Aaliyah, we are ready.’

‘Here goes nothing,’ I murmur.

The nights and days leading up to the announcement of which

two people will be chosen are excruciating. Finally, after many

restless nights, it is time to enter the city square.

‘Welcome, citizens of Metropolis. Today is the exiting announce-

ment day. Here in this beautiful envelope I have the names of two

citizens who have been chosen to compete in this year’s Water

Faction Competition. Now shall I get started?’

The crowd roars with anticipation and excitement.

‘The male competitor for the 2859 Water Faction Competition

is… Talon Cronin!’

I can’t make out who it is – wait – no, it can’t be. It’s the boy I met

right before my trial!

‘Give it up for Talon Cronin!’

‘I can tell all you girls are dying to find who this year’s female