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Truth And


Leyla Yucel

Isobelle Carmody Award

for Creative Writing


Boorondara Literary


Prize Winner

My immediate response must have been the wrong thing to say. The

laughter has stopped dead; the girls aren’t saying a word. Irina had

pulled away when the dare was set and I wish she was still close to me.

All is silent and I’m trying to figure out what to say when Zara starts


‘Miranda? What do youmean why?’ She’s smiling but it’s wavering

and uncertain. I pause for a second and I feel Irina’s concerned stare.

A quick glance around the room to gauge the other girls’ reactions

leaves me internally wincing. Heather is silent, which in itself is

impressive, and Audrey has stopped braiding her hair.

‘I mean, wouldn’t it be kinda awkward? Jake’s your brother and

you want me to…’

‘Kiss him?’

She laughs. ‘Don’t be silly. I think this is a step in the right

direction for you. I’ve known you since we were in kinder and I

doubt you’ve ever kissed anyone? Have you?’

Audrey giggles and Zara stares expectantly at me. Irina looks up

and she cocks an eyebrow. I drop my gaze and leave the question


‘Don’t you think it’s time to grow up? Besides, even I can admit

he’s really hot,’ Zara continues.

Before I even open my mouth Heather takes this opportunity to

interject. ‘She’s probably the super wild type who pretends to be all

innocent and stuff.’

Irina laughs at that. Zara notices this and points at her. ‘Don’t you

dare relax! After we’re finished with Miranda we’re going to be

talking about your love life!’

Irina turns bright red, opens and closes her mouth a few times

before ducking her head meekly and nodding. Zara stands up. ‘I’m

off to grab the victim.’

Having dodged the question I flash her a quick smile. Audrey’s

fiery locks have now been tamed in a braid that sweeps over her left

shoulder and Heather is quietly whispering to her, every once in

while throwing a glance in my direction. Clearly, the question has

not been forgotten.

Less than aminute laterZara comes backwith Jake. Jake is admittedly

handsome, he’s the type that is everyone’s type. Heather and Audrey

blush slightly when he smiles at them but he just doesn’t do it for me.

Then he turns to me and while I am fearful, I also feel curious.