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Ms Danielle Cooper

Dean of English

Curiosity, empathy. The humility to listen and the courage to speak.

’ These are

the qualities a good writer should have according to Hannie Rayson,

the Australian playwright and author. Now in its ninth year, the

EnglishDepartment’s anthology of student writing,


, continues

to showcase the very best student writing in the Senior School.

Offering anopportunity for students tobe recognised and celebrated,

the literary publication enables our talented writers to demonstrate

their interest in, and passion for, writing.

The Ruyton English Department is proud of the achievements

of the students whose work features in this year’s publication. The

range of ideas explored, and the thought-provoking subjects

broached, reveal the Ruyton students as definitely having the

courage to speak

.’ Highly imaginative and original, the pieces also

demonstrate complexity and maturity in terms of literary skills

and expression. The culture of creative writing at Ruyton continues

to be nurtured and celebrated both within and outside the

classroom. Reading widely, thinking deeply about issues and closely

observing the world we share and the people in it are integral in

providing inspiration for the talented writers selected for this

year’s publication.

Included in this anthology are the winning pieces of the Isobelle

Carmody Award for Creative Writing, this year judged by author,

Hannie Rayson. In announcing the winners, Hannie stated that the

majority of the stories were powerful, creative, confronting and well-

crafted. When reflecting on the writing process, she impressed upon

the students the importance of dialogue, plausible characters and

plot. Hannie also encouraged the students to ‘

make the hearts of their

readers swell.

’ These stories will undoubtedly do exactly that: unsettle,

move and delight you. The English Department hope you will enjoy

this year’s superb collection of student writing.


I would like to acknowledge the help of the following staff who have

been instrumental in  

Scripsi Volume 9


Peters and Miss Claire Waide in the editorial process, and the English

teachers who have aided in supporting and focusing the creativity of

the students: Mrs Kiri Adams, Mrs Diane Berold, Miss Jessica Kitt,

Mrs Alison Paisley, Mrs Elaine Rogers, Ms Alison Shackell, Mr Paul

Upperton, Miss Claire Waide andMr Walter Zavattiero.