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Last Night

Miranda Simondson

Nature was fighting last night,

The wind was howling

And rustling through the intimidating trees.

The rain fell in big drops onto my skin,

My feet sank into the wet ground

It was like I was being pulled from below.

I could feel the cold mud oozing between my toes.

The air was thick last night,

I could taste the moisture sitting on my tongue,

My breaths were loud, slow but yet, uncontrolled.

The sky was pitch black, still and frozen in time.

I snuggle my hands into my warm hoodie pockets,

They are tiny toasters protecting me from the cold.

I was being followed last night,

I could hear footsteps behind me,

As I walked faster he walked faster.

Shivers climbed up my spine,

I started to lose my breath,

I ran, and ran,

Everything got louder and faster,

I could hear them laughing,


Everything changed last night,

I got up as a new person,

Not alive anymore,

The air was no longer thick,

It was crisp and weightless,

I rose from the ground,

I am coming for you,

Laughing man.