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out to sea and 4,600 lives we jeopardised.

But what’smore quizzical is thementality there is anovercrowding

or ‘influx’ of asylum seekers in our country, if statistically ‘if all the

750,000 refugees Australia has accepted since 1945 were still alive

today, they would only represent a total of 3% of the current

Australian population’

So I urge us all to consider what kind of nation are we?

Actions speak louder than words. We must remember what goes

around comes around.

This could be anyone of us, we don’t know what the future holds

and we don’t know when our nation will be in a time of crisis. Maybe

we will, one day, need to seek asylum away fromAustralia, and maybe

one day the world will remember what we did to the asylum seekers

of today.

It’s no longer Labour vs. Liberal, it is Australia vs. the world. Let’s

not ruin our international reputation and severe our ties, we need to

stick by our Australia values, we need to show some compassion.

We are among the privileged few who have had the relative

freedom and wealth to actually make a difference, they are looking at

us, for our help…

…so what kind of nation are we?

Asylum Seekers