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Charlotte finishes quickly and leaves. Rachel stares blankly at her

empty plate. All around I see my busts. Emperor Hadrian, Emperor

Trajan, Socrates, Theseus, Athena, they all stare down at him

menacingly. But I can feel Darwin from all the way upstairs.

David hits the bed and starts snoring. Darwin and I exchange a

hateful look. I slam the frame down, but it doesn’t help.

David asks me to come to a work dinner with him. I am surprised; he

never does. Again, everyone wears grey turtlenecks, and completely

ignores me. I wonder if I should be required to speak at all tonight

and chuckle to myself, thinking the answer was ‘most likely not’.

They talk, about their newest favourite books. Nadia mentions


Regeneration of Vertebrates

and David launches into a tirade of praise. I

raise an eyebrow. I bought him that for his birthday. I decide to break

my vow of silence.

‘I quite enjoyed the book

Crossing the Rubicon

, I don’t know whether

you have read it?’

Staring and confusion.

‘Yes, it’s about Caesar and the impact that crossing the Rubicon

River with his army still intact caused on the Roman Republic.’

Nothing. As I suspected.

David shakes his head slightly. ‘Indeed, my dear. But what of the

impact that Rydell has caused with his statement that the invertebrate

is incapable of evolving with pure regenerative capabilities?’

My bright yellow is once again too bright.

My husband goes back and forth from conferences. Spain, Rome with

Nadia, Massachusetts, London with Nadia, Adelaide, New Zealand,

Jerusalemwith Nadia.

Darwin remains behind, the only presence in the room. He stares

at me alone in the bed, the black and white man laughing at me

quietly. He upset the balance of things. Society was perfectly happy

being blissfully unaware of the truth before his stupid, undeniable

theory. So was I. Everything was fine before him! I try to smash him.

I rage and throw him on the floor but he bounces back every time. I

can’t break him. And he can’t break me.

When the kids are in school, I go out. I go to the museum, and I look

at the Ancient Greek and Roman ruins. And I decide to take Darwin

The Theory Of