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Puppet Master

karma I guess. Besides, I’m fine with this arrangement anyway; I

mean, going from the misfit of the school to the most popular isn’t

exactly being hard done by,’ Lucy replied.

‘Well, going from popular to a loner is!’ Amanda barked.

Lucy gave Amanda that look you get when you take something

too far. Lucy walked out of the room and went off to find Sally.

‘Hello, Sally. To what do I owe the pleasure of your acquaintance?’

‘What?’ said Sally, bamboozled.

‘I mean, ‘sup girlfriend, what’s happening in girl land?’ Lucy said,

not familiar with ‘girl talk’.

‘Nothing much. Hey, that was so funny yesterday!’

‘No, it wasn’t! It was so mean!’ Lucy yelled.

‘What’s up with you, Amanda? You’re acting weird.’

‘Nothing, I’m just tired. See you later.’

Amanda ran up to Sally.

‘Omg, I had the weirdest dream last night!’

‘Um, I don’t care, loner! What a freak show!’ Sally said.

‘What? Stop being such a – ‘Amanda stopped herself there and

realized she was in Lucy’s body. So she just walked off and tried to

find someone to sit with or someone to talk to. Unfortunately she

was unsuccessful and sat at a table on her own and ate her lunch.

Later on in science class Amanda was paired up with Sally.

‘Hey Sal, how are you?’ Amanda said.

‘Please don’t call me Sal. Only my friends call me Sal, and you are

not my friend, just my little puppet I play with,’ Sally replied.

When she woke the next morning, Amanda was relieved to see

she was back in her original body. So she jumped out of her bed and

put on her fluffy pink slippers, sprinted down stairs, past her mum

who was asleep in bed, grabbed an Up n’ Go and rode her bike

straight to school. She ran over to Lucy and pulled her into the same

storeroom she had the day before.

‘I’m so sorry! I was so mean to you and you didn’t do anything to

me. How about you come sit with me at lunchtime today?’ Amanda


‘I’d love to,’ Lucy replied happily.

Amanda ran over to Sally and gave her a piece of her mind.

‘You are a mean, rude bully who judges people on looks and looks

only!’ Amanda barked.

‘What the hell is with you lately Amanda, you were so weird