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Puppet Master

Helena Ferrier

Sally and Amanda were the two most popular girls at their school.

They could get away with almost anything. But not everyone was that

popular, like Lucy for example. She wasn’t your average teenage girl.

Instead of liking shoe shopping andmakeup, Lucy preferred studying

for tests and being organized!

One day in the cafeteria, Sally gave Amanda the most awful dare.

It was the meanest dare they had ever done.

‘Oh my God, do you try to look that ugly or did you just wake up

like that?’ Amanda spat the words at Lucy, as Sally had dared her.

The whole cafeteria erupted into a chorus of laughter, pointing

and jeering at Lucy. She immediately started crying and ran off,

mortified, trying to think of anything she possibly could have done

to Amanda.

Amanda walked back to the table she had been sitting at. Sally

gave her a high five. She smiled at Amanda, hoping she never realized

just how insecure she felt. Sally knew Amanda just went along with

everything even though she knew it was wrong. As people went over

to congratulate her she tried to shoo them away because she was far

from proud of what she had done. But this one kid came up to

Amanda, frustration in his voice.

‘You try being her for a day… I dare you!’

‘Sure!’ Amanda said, disbelievingly.

That night, Amanda lay in bed, feeling guiltier than she ever had.

She didn’t know what to do. She felt the need to impress Sally, even

though she knew it was mean and wrong. Lucy on the other hand, lay

in her bed feeling depressed. She never thought her high school

years would be so miserable.

The next day, Amanda woke up in Lucy’s room, with Lucy’s mum

yelling at her to hurry up and get dressed. Amanda screamed and

jumped out of bed, terrified and distressed. She went in search for

her slippers only to find a dark grey, very boring pair of slippers

laying on the floor. She caught a glimpse of her tiny feet, which was

weird because she had big feet, so she ran to the mirror to discover

the impossible: she was in Lucy’s body!

Lucy had experienced the same thing that morning, but less

dramatic. When they arrived at school, Amanda ran over to Lucy

and dragged her into the storeroom.

‘Give me my body back!’ she yelled.

‘What are you talking about! I had nothing to do with this, but it’s