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Into The


Angela Yan

‘And… cut!’

As the camera stopped rolling and Nolan uttered his last words,

adrenalin filled his body. The director met himwith a firmhandshake

and he replied with a grin, knowing that this moment was the start

of his career.

Pushing through the doors of

20th Century Fox Studios

, he knew he

had done a good job and loved the feeling. It was a feeling of

something changing; as if he had completely left his old life behind.

Looking up at the lavish apartments of Los Angeles, Nolan thought

about his own place with its faded timber walls and parched front

lawn. He longed for a better life, one filled with fame, fortune and

comfort. Strolling back to his hotel, he glimpsed his reflection in a

shop window, displaying the most lavish jewellery one would ever

hope to find. When he saw himself, he was wearing his old


t-shirt with a pair of ripped jeans. Unlike before, however, his hair,

which was usually in disarray, was gelled to perfection. A flawless

head on his body stared at him and he smiled back.

After a year of anticipation, Nolan sat at the premiere of the

blockbuster, knees shaking and feet tingling. A week later, all of his

friends and family had seen the movie. That same week, he began

receiving offers from multiple directors wanting him in their own

films. With each letter in the mail or phone call that he answered, his

pockets became heavier. He replaced his worn


sneakers with

Louis Vuitton

slip-ons and his scruffy t-shirts with

Ralph Lauren

. To his

parents’ sadness but also their pride, he left home and moved into a

penthouse in the heart of the city. He fit into the ‘high life’ like a

hand in a glove and it welcomed him with parties, gatherings and

most importantly, money.

A year after the success of his first blockbuster, Nolan woke up to

the sun creeping through the openings scattering the forest of

skyscrapers. It was a Saturday, a day to relax and do whatever he

pleased with his wealth. The air was crisp, biting at his cheeks as he

left the well-heated lobby. Just as he placed his gloves over his numb

fingertips, he heard a squeal and looked around to find two star-

struck girls armed with their iPhones. After the selfies were taken,

he continued on his path, still hearing the chatter of the girls. It was

new to him, this world of fame, and he simply couldn’t navigate it

yet. As he turned the corner, he stepped into the café where he was a

regular, and was met by the aroma of fresh coffee beans and warm