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Suwen believes that happiness is the best gift of life. I asked her

whether money was important as well, and she said: ‘Money is not as

valuable as happiness for the mere reason that it has a value.

Happiness does not have a price and is not limited to what it is

labeled as, but money has a certain value printed on the note or coin

that determines its cost. Happiness can be anything; there are no

boundaries and it is something that can keep a dying person alive.’

Suwen knows that she has not encountered many tough hardships in

her life and is happy for the way she lives her life right now. After

hearing Suwen’s thoughts on these topics, I realized that this is why

she inspires me. Her thoughts are what inspire my life and me.

I admire the mere fact that Suwen can be anything to me. Though

she protects me, she also encourages me to explore new depths in

life. She keeps order and organises my things at times, whilst she can

be fun and have not a care in the world at others. When life starts

raining on me, she becomes my umbrella, and when the sun shines,

she embraces it with me. When I am upset or unhappy with

something, Suwen always finds a way to make me happy. She might

buy my favourite food or just tell me a joke to lighten up my spirits.

She has somehow always been there for me when I have been sad

and that has made all the difference.

The little things that Suwen does are what make her inspirational.

Unlike many influential people in the world, she has not made

herself famous for the things she has done or the actions she has

taken, but she has done one thing that every inspirational and

influential person is known for. She has made a difference. No, the

difference she has made is not influential upon the whole wide

world, but her difference has made an impact on someone’s life. She

has made a difference to my life and the way I live it all the way up

to today. She is not as influential as Nelson Mandela, nor does she

have the leadership skills of Barack Obama. She is just my sister…

my teacher and my guardian, my umbrella when there is rain.

That is why the most inspirational person in my life is my sister,

Suwen Fang.