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When I was first told I needed to stop procrastinating, I had no idea

what that meant, so I did what any normal teenager would do, I

turned to the internet for guidance. Wikipedia, my one true love,

informed me that ‘

Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent

tasks in preference to more urgent ones

.’ This simple definition does not do

justice to the serious issue I havewithputting off doingmy homework

until 3am the morning of when it is due. It is an illness. The idea of

spending six hours at school doing work, and then having to come

home and do more, I just disagree with on principle. That’s at least

what I tell myself as I watch the Bratz movie to avoid having do to

anything remotely productive.

I think my real problem is that I am an excellent liar. This is not

to teachers, who I’m trying to explain why I haven’t started my

3,000 word journal we have meant to have been writing all term. Oh

no, I am an expert at lying to myself. Some of my methods include

spending an hour making a detailed list of everything I need to get

done that day because ‘I need to be organised’; deciding to start

making myself a gourmet lunch at 11:00, because ‘I need food for

thought’ and my personal favourite, looking up motivational quotes

for an hour and a half so I can be inspired to finally do some work.

But you’d still think after doing all of this, I would finally settle down

and get it over with, but you’re wrong. I still maintain that if I had

been born twenty years earlier when there was not the constant

calling of the internet, I would have got my work done on time and

yet here I am being told how lucky I am. I have the valuable source

of infinite information which we call the internet. Please, I’m so

happy I have the internet because of all the knowledge I can obtain

from it. Seriously, I can think of a million other things I would prefer

to use the internet for than actually using it for productivity.

If you’re still wondering how I could possibly spend so much time

wasting away in front of an inanimate object, the truth is, I honestly

don’t know myself. One thing I can say for certain is, you have to

agree with me on some level, that you have said ‘five more minutes’

and then an hour later you’re


scrolling your dash. Well I

experience the same, except with me it’s more like five more minutes

and then the next thing I know I’m on the weird side of youtube

watching some middleaged Mexican man giving a make-up tutorial

whilst looking out my window trying to convince myself that, no,

that is most definitely not the sun.




The Internet

Madeline Nolan