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wasn’t right seeing the veggie garden so messy. She turned around

and looked up at the tree that Rosie used to spend hours climbing

every day. She remembered the time that Rosie got stuck on a branch

and Fred had to climb up and carry her down. She couldn’t bear to

think that soon someone else would be living in this house and

climbing Rosie’s tree. She turned around again and looked at the

tiny shed in the corner of the garden where Fred kept all of his tools

and Rosie kept all of her toys. Clara could feel her eyes welling up

with tears but she didn’t want to cry.

She walked back inside and saw Rosie standing inside what used

to be her bedroom. Even the old faded pink carpet had a memory to

go with it. ‘It’s time,’ said Rosie. Clara nodded. She walked down the

hallway for the last time ever. Hand-in-hand with Rosie, they

walked out of the door and shut it for one last time. She locked the

door and walked down the path and stood there for a while gazing

up at the house. She could feel tears trickling down her face.

‘Goodbye,’ she whispered.

Saying Goodbye