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Then She Fell…

husband had agreed to buy this apartment on some conditions, if a

cleaner and a painter came to clean the whole place up, all for free.

Tracy wasn’t very keen on the word ‘free’ but decided that it was all

worth it.

Four weeks had passed and everything was now in place. Fanny

and Hubert had sold their old apartment, the painter and cleaner

had come and furniture was now moved in, although boxes of

crockery and stuff still lay untouched everywhere.

That night, as Fanny and Hubert sat at the dinner table,

surrounded by brown cardboard boxes, Hubert announced that his

work wanted him to go to Narrachoot for a whole week.

‘Really? Do you have to?’ Fanny asked worriedly.

‘I think so. But it’s only one week, you can deal with that, can’t you?’

said Hubert, with a very relaxed tone.

‘When are you leaving?’

‘This Sunday.’

Sunday came around quickly and Fanny sent Hubert off in a

shiny black taxi, through the busy streets of London, all the way to

the airport.

That night, after Fanny had drifted off into a pretty dream, she

was suddenly awoken after feeling a strong tug of her hair. She

reached for the lamp and snapped the switch. She felt her hair and

looked all around her bedroom, making sure it wasn’t real. Oh, it’s

just my dream, she thought and dozed back into a deep sleep.

At 5am that morning, Fanny was woken again, this time from a

blistering, cold draft sweeping through her bedroom, causing her to

shiver. The window was open and the curtains were blowing in the

howling breeze. Fanny was now quite suspicious, but closed the

window and eventually fell back to sleep, once again.

The next night, after a long day at work and a dinner out with a

friend, Fanny went to sleep and woke up once again, this time to the

howl of something creepy and mysterious.

‘Fanny, Fanny, you are next’


it roared.

Fanny was now extremely scared and nervous. She looked around

and saw that the window was open again! Fanny shoved the covers

down to the end of her bed and stood on her pillow which was now

wet and cold. She reached out the window to pull it back in and felt

something push her.

Then she fell….