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True Friends

Natasha Borash

Best friends are incredibly hard to find,

Memories still remain clear in my mind,

You are there to catch me when I fall,

Lifting me up and back over the wall.

We share tears of laughter at every joke,

Not one cross word is said as fun is poked,

We always have fun when we are together,

Even in the cold, most monstrous weather.

You are the only one who understands me,

Opening my eyes to the new possibility,

The light in your eyes and the radiant smile,

Along with your unique and individual style.

The longing of staying together forever,

I will be waiting for you wherever, whenever,

But for now I must say goodbye to you,

We will meet again, I know it to be true.

As true best friends we are never far apart,

Possibly in distance, but never really at heart.