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Take my hand brother and I will keep you safe

from all the white ghosts’ strange ways,

I’ll show you the trees, the bush and the seas

and where the old kangaroos graze.

Take my hand brother, we could go far and wide

to the place where the kookaburras nest,

We will fly through the sky, touching so high

and moving from east and west.

Take my hand brother down to the river

where the scaly fish are free,

Where the Golden Wattles sway and bees buzz

all day, by the Bunya Bunya tree.

Take my hand brother as we dance with the

spirits before the silver moon comes out,

We will swim with the currents and the animals

of the sea until the next dry drought.

But when the time finally comes when you sail

to the land of strangers and the unknown,

Remember me brother, remember your people

and place where you have grown.

Remember the kangaroos, the kookaburra nests

and the Bunya Bunya trees,

The rivers, the scaly fish and the silver bright

moon it was a time when you were free.