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Flight 370

Emma Lee

She peered out the window

At the landscape below

Amazement shining in her gaze

Directed at cities ablaze

But what she and the others couldn’t have known

They would never again see a city’s glow

He fiddled with the food tray

She bounced him on her knee

His eyes fixed on the screen

Stubbornly fighting sleep

But he had never even wildly dreamed

This would be his last night to fall freely asleep

The man across the aisle

Hid a restless smile

The surprise he had planned

Made the arduous trip worthwhile

But he and the others hadn’t foreseen

Death had spoken its final summoning

The engines start to falter

Wings thrown out of kilter

A man launches himself valiantly

To shield his beloved family

Together the passengers brave the whirlwind

Their dreams blown astray, thoughts torn in the wind

A sudden flash

A sickening crash

An earsplitting crack

Then no sound at all

Time for once stands cold and still

The world of distant memories filled

Together they leave to fly safely at last

Upon the wings of an angel’s mast