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Social Change

Does Not Just

Come From

Social Media

in us, in that we believe we have the ability to forge change from the

comfort of our bedrooms.

The famous Ghandi quote didn’t come from no where;

you must be

the change you want to see in the world

. Evidently, forging change is only

measured by our ability to take a risk. Sometimes we need to go

further than just posting a picture. I’m sure you’re all aware of the

recent protests regarding fee changes to universities. Whether you

agree politically or not, I can say that thousands posted their

opinions regarding the issue on social media. Yet, there was one

teenage girl who understood that these posts were too easy to brush

off, and if she wanted to make real change she was going to have to

put herself into a risky situation. She commenced a protest around

parliament, joined by thousands of university students. One

policewoman stated,

I asked her her age and she said 15

. When she asked

why she was there, she said

‘I’m fighting for my future.’

Ultimately social change will need to come from more than just

social media. If there’s an issue we believe is important, let’s do

something about it. Real change requires sacrifice. Nelson Mandela,

Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malala didn’t sit back and like,

share or retweet their cause. We, in a country like Australia, have the

power to make real change, and to not just take the easy option.