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Those of you who know me well, will know that I am endlessly

fascinated by the resplendent contemporary art form that is known

as twerking. When used in appropriate settings, this majestic dance

is, to me, not only a fantastic form of cardio but my platform for self-

expression. However, despite my passion for twerking, I can’t help

but worry about the music videos it’s been featured in as of late, or

more specifically, the messages that these clips send. Sadly, these

videos typically depict women in a way that they are just there to be

mindless objects, nothing more than for the pleasure of men and that

all girls want to be treated that way.

Let me set the scene: a man sitting on top of a pile of scantily clad

women as he decides which one he wants to pick. This image is

accompanied by the lyrics ‘got her saved on my phone under big

booty’ – poetic, I know!

I think we can all agree that music videos like the one I’ve just

described do little to celebrate the intelligence of women, our

opinions and our value beyond our bodies.

We live in a time when feminism is prevalent in our society. We

live in a country that prides itself on equality and tolerance for all.

With this in mind, these videos which objectify women, whose

presence is still disturbingly wide-spread, have no place in our lives

and it is time that we banned them once and for all.

Some people have called simply for age restrictions on sexist

music videos. However, wouldn’t this just create a dangerous double

standard? That the derogatory mindset promoted by these videos is

okay, just not for children?

The fact is, these sexist attitudes are not okay for anyone and

graphic music videos that objectify women encourage this sort of

toxic mindset. You might not think that a small video can have such

a large psychological impact, but it does and research has indicated

that those consistently watching these clips have an associated

tolerance for sexist, racist and even rape tolerant attitudes.

An attitude might not appear so damaging on the surface, but

think of the consequences it leads to that become a reality for us:

sexual assault, domestic abuse, the violence that will afflict at least 1

in 3 of us women in our lifetime. What we think about women

affects what we do. As long as people continue to see women as less

than equal, disrespect and violence will continue.

Ask yourself if you’re okay with this. The answer, I hope, is a

A Problem We

Shouldn’t Have

To Watch

Any Longer

Pearl Paguio

Alan Patterson Public

Speaking Competition