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Practice Makes


Angelyn Neoh

Orator of the Year





I know that was weird, or even creepy, but I was just practising my


So how was that? Was that effective? Was that perfect? Or should

there be more…

As some of you may have guessed, my topic is








When I first heard this proverb, I thought, ‘Well, nobody’s perfect, so

why practice?’









Before we start celebrating, we all know that our beloved

English teacher is going to come in and say, ‘Girls, girls! How

disappointing. You should all know that the word ‘perfect’ can mean

different things to different people.’

For example, in the recent Commonwealth Games, perfection

for some will come in the form of the ultimate gold, or, breaking a

record; but for others, it may be achieving their personal best. As all

of you would, no doubt, have experienced or observed, practice can

sometimes be hard, frustrating, lonely, boring, or even futile. For the

time we have, I’d like to share with you two of my favourite stories

about practice.

My Grandmother tells me of this true story about a boy and his

toilet turkey. A young boy who was toilet training, had difficulty

sitting still in the bathroom, so, to keep him occupied, his mother

gave him a real life turkey, to put on his lap…

And you can guess what happened when he grew up, and even

more interesting, what happened when his turkey died. I guess he

didn’t have much of a Thanksgiving! So the moral of this story is, be

careful what you incorporate into your practice, as this may lead to

bad habits.

Another good one is about a man who tried to impress his kids by

doing Yoga himself, and ended up having back surgery. The funny

thing is, that this was how he walked before the incident *

Before walk:

Bow legged, tip toed… and this is how he walked afterwards. *After walk: stiff

back and neck, arms stiff by side, chin up (neck brace).

I guess that is why it’s important to practice with proper guidance;

otherwise it could have severe consequences.