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The sky was darker than usual on the day of the launch. I climbed

down the narrow winding staircase one step at a time. As I reached

the bottom I peered out the glass windows of The Centre. They

were tinted, so those outside could not see in. I suppose I was an

outsider too, looking in on a future I didn’t belong to. The Director

laughed. I instantly lost my train of thought, as he and Mr Tobor

took the elevator to level seven, leaving me and the past behind.

It was five o’clock when the power went out. Quite strange, I

thought, it had been a decade since the last blackout. That was when

I knew something was terribly wrong. The Officers from EyeCorp

barged through the doors of The Centre. Women screamed,

commoners were grabbed, windows were shattered. It was at that

point when I noticed The Director and Mr Tobor in the rear corner

of the lobby observing all and yet, they remained unharmed.

That was the last thing I remember before The Dome was

enforced. All selected humans, meaning those gifted talent and

blessed, and of course, Iron Men, remain inside The Dom


. All

Inferiors, less capable humans, commoners and the rest are locked

outside The Dome where resources are low and disease is endemic.

The advancement of The Iron Men and technology created a

cruel world. Those inside The Dome have a chance, an expectation

to succeed. But what do those outside The Dome have? We are left

on the outside, looking in.

The Dome