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Rosie Graham

Ding dong ding dong.

It was early in the morning, and Scarlett leapt out

of bed and cushioned her-self onto her usual seat underneath the

window sill. Lifting her head slightly, she peeked out the window to

watch drops of rain trickle down the window.

Ding dong ding dong

. The piercing ding and dongs still rang in her ear.

‘Axel! Would you please stop it?’ Her brother poked his head into

the door frame of Scarlett’s bedroom and giggled. Axel held a large

toy bell and had a grin smeared on his face from one ear to the other.

‘But Scaaaaaarlett…’

His head bobbed to one side and widened his bright blue eyes.

Out he stuck his bottom lip, and whimpered, ‘Scaaarlett.’ Scarlett

knew what he was going on about, she promised him a trip to the

lolly shop.

‘You promised!!’ He wailed. Scarlett turned her head towards the

dull window as her eyes followed a raindrop down to the bottom,

and slowly turned back to her complaining brother. ‘Hmm…’ she

said, ‘only if you stop clanking that old bell right this instant!’ Axel

sat up straight and gradually put down his old toy. ‘Good,’ she

glanced at her watch, ‘Get ready to leave in ten minutes.’ Axel gave

her a toothy smirk and energetically jumped up and ran into the

room next door.

Scarlett yawned, and lifted herself up from her seat. It took five

footsteps for her to reach a pile of clothes on the end of her bed.

Picking up an old shirt, she put it over the front of her pyjamas and

looked in the mirror. Scarlett looked very tired, you could see the

way the bags underneath her emerald eyes drooped. It appeared like

her hair was teased and hadn’t been brushed for at least three days;

but that didn’t worry her as she flicked it up in a quick ponytail and

moved on to what to wear. Scarlett noticed a brown splotch on the

front of her shirt. Thinking about the soup she had the night before,

Scarlett muttered,



She picked up a pair of old, faded blue jeans and tried them on.

She looked at every angle in the mirror, but obviously didn’t like the

look of them, as she ripped them off of her legs. It was hard to please

a girl like Scarlett. She tried on another pair of plain black leggings.

‘They’ll have to do..’ She muttered. Slipping on a coat to cover her

dirty shirt, she yelled her brother’s name, and they were off.

The two companions took the normal route, down the street,

turn left to pass the bakery, and the sweetest tasting lollies would be