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I write this to you, because maybe you too will doubt yourself like

I did.

I write this in the hopes that you are living in a reality where your

future is safe, despite the relentless attempts to tear it down. I leave

you with my experiences and my life, because maybe you can

distinguish what’s black and what’s white from the world I live in

that is tainted by a hazy grey.

Before I continue though, may I ask you a question? A simple

hypothetical situation. Say I presented to you a switch, and I told

you that if you pulled the switch, half the population of the world

would die immediately. Would you pull the switch?

If I look, outside the window is a towering scape built of glass and

steel, held together by faith and ignorance. Ignorance is bliss, and

perhaps that’s true because peace has settled. War is non-existent,

poverty has been eradicated and old fears of a dying environment

are gone. I suppose this era, in the pure and righteous Republic of

Elysium, could almost be considered a paradise. Almost.

In this city of glass, we often forget how only fifty years ago

humanity was on the brink of annihilation. The future that occurred

was the version everybody denied, because truthfully, nobody

wanted to believe it could happen. But it did, and denial couldn’t

hold it back. The morning sky was technicoloured: a different shade

of poison every morning. Burning rain streamed down the cracked

tarmac like the Earth’s veins, swirling with bile, blood and sewage.

Wheezing breaths pulled at constricted lungs and bony fingers

desperately clawed at their flesh trying to reach the blazing fire in

their veins. Pale bodies spilled out of the congested hospitals,

clogging doorways and alleys, disease pulling their skin taut and

casting delusions in their wide, yellow eyes. Another week and those

yellow eyes would be staring blankly at the ceiling, at where the stars

might have been. The living became the dead, and the dead looked

so peaceful in their sleep that many others simply lay down beside

them and never rose again.

They called it the Purge and it reigned over the Earth for years,

striding relentlessly through cities and stretching its shadows into

the furthest recesses of the country. Nobody knew where it came

from, how it started or why. Some people blamed the crumbling

environment, others blamed nuclear war or an uncontrolled

experiment. Many blamed fate or a greater power who sought to

The Mortal


Gillian Lim