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The Lost Locket

were about to pass her altogether.

‘Excuse me!’ she cried.

All of a sudden one of the girls turned. It was the one with

auburn hair.


‘I um... is this um... yours?’ Isabelle stuttered. She held up the

locket around her neck.

‘Why, it is so,’ the girl replied, ‘where did you find it?’

By this time Eileen had caught up. Together, Isabelle and Eileen

explained their story.

‘Thank you very much. My name’s Sally by the way,’ Sally smiled


‘And I’m Adelaide,’ the girl with the honey-coloured hair

introduced herself. ‘Thank you. That locket had something very

important in it.’

Without another word, the two girls left.


The girls had a very pleasant time at the beach, staying for about four

hours. As they slowly and tiredlywalkedback, theynoticed something.

It was a silver locket.