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The scrawny inspector lurked around the tram station, turning his

delicate head from left to right. His marble-like eyes were squinting

into the distance, searching for the next tram. He was eager to fine

someone. He paced back and forth, back and forth on his spindly legs.

It had been a while since he received a nifty bonus cheque. The tram

was approaching and he could sense today would be the day he would

get a bonus, he was impatient.

Anxious for a meal, the mosquito flew back and forth in the long but confined

tram. Her circular eyes spun around the humid vehicle. There were green chairs,

green poles and orange chairs in view. Onion bagels lurked somewhere within the

tram, however it was not bagels for which she was restless. Her wings smacked

against each other as she flew towards the tinted windows impatiently. Her eyes

looked keen and ready.

His arms like thin branches, waved to hail in the tram. He raised

his leg onto the tram, and stepped in. Standing straight and tall with

his shirt tucked tightly into his pants, he hovered enthusiastically

around the sweaty and nervous passengers as they saw him enter. As

the tram suddenly drove forward, he jerked backwards. His hand

clutched at the pole in front of him. His beady eyes scanned everyone,

from one end of the tram to the other end. The smell of rain and

sweat overwhelmed the cluttered tram. He could sense the fear as

some people twitched, and some moved quickly towards the door,

trying to escape from the inspector. He studied each person,

observing them from head to toe. He was not here for fun and games,

but here for a luxury at the end of the night. Some people didn’t

notice him, others pretended not to. The majority had their heads

down, fiddling with something in the palm of their hands. With

people packed up against each other, some thought they were

invisible, therefore safe from any fine.

She hovered above the people that seemed to slowly fill the tram. Her senses

were tingling, the smell of sweet sweat was satisfying. As the tram became more

and more crowded with the smell of body odour and minty gum, her wings

smacked together faster and faster, beating to the beat of every noise that was

made. Her beady eyes searched through the crowd, inspecting and sorting through

each and everyone. As people knocked themselves against each other by accident or

purpose, the mosquito was blood thirsty and having a whiff of everyone. Some

people slapped their ankles and arms in frustration of her presence, others didn’t

notice she was lingering


The mosquito would have to single out one person to be

her target, as this meal would have to last her a week.



Vivian Liu