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The Lost Locket

The tour had finished and Isabelle and Eileen were following the

tour guide who seemed eager to finally exit the caves. Isabelle was in

the middle of a conversation with Eileen, when she said suddenly,

‘What was that? I thought I heard something.’

Not long after, Isabelle saw a flash of silver out of the corner of

her eye. She turned.

‘Look at that locket!’ she whispered to Eileen, before picking it up.

‘Isn’t it beautiful?’

‘It sure is, but who does it belong to?’

‘I don’t know. I guess that means we can keep it.’ Isabelle turned

the locket over in her hands. It was dull silver and had a square

engraved on it, as well as complex patterns. There was a diamante in

the centre. It must have been ancient, and precious. Its shape vaguely

resembled a flower and it was on a long, thin chain. It was unlike any

locket they had ever seen. Isabelle wasn’t even sure it could be opened.

Over the next week or so, the girls shared that locket between them.

The next place Isabelle andEileen travelled towas theRemarkable

Rocks. It was a rough day with turbulent winds that slapped at their

cheeks and threatened to push them over. The girls eventually

succeeded in completing the short walk to their destination, and

sought protection from the wind. They climbed up the awkwardly

shaped rocks, sat on top of them, and decided to entertain each

other until the weather calmed down a little.

Soon it did, and Isabelle and Eileen stood near the edge of the

cliff in front with the stunning vista ahead of the pure blue sea. After

that, they took a short drive up to the Admiral’s Arch, an immense

rock formation in the shape of an arch. The girls saw about a dozen

seals lazing on the rocks by the sea. By early evening, they had

returned home.

On their third day they visited Stokes Bay. At first, they weren’t

sure where the beach was. Then they saw a sign directing them

towards the beach. Isabelle and Eileen had to make their way

through a maze of rocks.

Isabelle walked ahead, the locket around her neck. As she cautiously

stepped between rocks, she passed two girls on their way back from

the beach. Something about their faces was frustratingly familiar.

Then she recognised the locket around one of the girls’ necks.

‘Um... Excuse me,’ Isabelle mumbled softly. When she realised that

the girls hadn’t heard her, she cleared her throat quickly, before they