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The Lost Locket

Ciara Brennan

The fierce waves turned white and frothy when they collided with

the ferry, rocking it backwards and forwards in a dangerous manner.

Being on the top of the boat, Isabelle found it impossible to sit

without falling, so decided to stand at the front instead, feeling the

wind lash at her face and the ocean spray shower her with its iciness.

Eileen stood beside her, laughing. They looked past the bottomless

blue sea at the horizon, andwatched as they gradually approached the


After a while, Isabelle found herself deep in thought. She thought

about how she had woken up early in the morning as the sun slowly

ascended in the azure sky, the beginning of another hot summer day.

Not long after, once she and Eileen had assembled their luggage,

they headed off in the car for a three hour drive before taking a break

and boarding the ferry.

It was now early afternoon, and not long before they stopped at

their destination, Kangaroo Island.

‘Hey, Isabelle,’ Eileen exclaimed over the crash of the waves. ‘Look

at the dolphins!’

‘Where are they?’ Isabelle asked, before seeing half a dozen grey

creatures diving in and out of the sea.


The next day, Eileen and Isabelle drove straight to the Kelly Caves.

There they went on a tour together, and learnt about the history of

the caves. In their group there was a middle-aged man with salt and

pepper hair, a lady with a wrinkled face and two girls who appeared

to be best friends, wearing matching silver lockets. Their tour guide

was a sharp lady who seemed to be in her early forties. She wore a

broad-brimmed hat, sunglasses that concealed at least half her face,

and a dull green uniform that had ‘Kelly Caves’ written on it in yellow.

Both her skin and hair were dark.

Isabelle followed her around the cave, hearing the click of the lady’s

boots echoing throughout the cave, and listening to the story of how

the cave had formed, millions of years ago. Very few questions were

asked. In fact, the only people asking questions were the two girls.

One of the girls was thin with auburn hair, soft brown eyes, and a

pale face dotted with freckles. Her friend was taller, had eyes that

glowed like sapphires, and curly honey-coloured hair. They would

ask peculiar questions, and the tour guide appeared to dislike them,

sighing loudly whenever either of them said anything.