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family of four, completewith pets, dolls and tea sets. Our imagination

was as wild as a toddler’s first candy land dream.

One day, my friend slipped at the top of the playground. One of

her feet got stuck on the top rung of the ladder and she fell off. Her

pigtails flew up into the air and fluttered like flames in the wind. Her

eyes widened in surprise and fear and her mouth opened to scream

moments before she crashed into the ground. The crack more than

signified the coming of weeks of pain, inconvenience and worry.

She was whisked off to hospital almost immediately. I never saw

her again. She suddenly moved out of the country, for reasons

unknown to me. I have forgotten the look of her face and the sound

of her voice, but I will always remember her changing eyes, her little

chuckle and the faint whiff of artificial peaches.