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My Friend

go into these frightening rages and they nearly always ended with all

parties involved getting hurt. One day we were swimming alone in

his pool and for some reason he was mad at me. I was cornered in

the deep end against the wall and he was pushing down on me. His

teeth were gritted and he wouldn’t let go. I was struggling to stay

above water and I was trying to grab the edge of the pool to pull

myself up. I’ve never felt so scared in my life; after all, what kind of

friend tries to drown you? He still swears that it never happened. It’s

like the person that tried to drown me was some stranger that I only

see in fleeting flashes and glimpses, like a tiger in the trees.

There was a time when he was talking to me and he said: ‘When I

get angry everything goes blank.’ It’s funny that the colour white is

meant to be associated with peace and calm, but really I think that it

represents anger.

A couple of months ago we tried to build another cubby house

but it wasn’t really the same. Maybe it was that I was too big to crawl

around under coffee tables. It could have been that we kept fighting

and arguing. Or maybe it was that I’d grown up. Either way, the

blankets still smelled like pee.