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The Call Of

The Wind

Claudia Schonfeldt

The Call Of The Wind

Can you hear it calling, whispering in your ear?

Sneaking around corners, as it comes near.

Howling at the moon in the dead of night,

Lifting the leaves, making them take flight.

Screaming at walls, begging to come in,

Biting at toe nails, nipping at skin.

Carrying the rain east and west,

Always moving, unable to rest.

Flying past, did you see as it grinned?

Can you hear it, the call of the wind?

Best Friends

A best friend is someone who is there,

During the good and the bad,

Someone who doesn’t judge you for your weirdness,

Someone who doesn’t laugh at you but laughs with you,

Someone whose heart is as big as the universe but,

They’re as loud as a blaring stereo and as crazy as a clown,

Someone who would do anything for you,

Someone who cares about you,

A best friend is someone whom you cherish,

A best friend stays in your heart forever.


Best Friends

Jemima Jacobson