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Haini Jiang


As I am a very curious person; you see,

I like to ask questions; too many to name.

Whenever I’m bored; I like to annoy,

The people around me with questions of mine.

Why do combs have teeth but don’t bite?

Why do chairs have legs but don’t run?

Why do we have two eyes and two ears?

Why do we only have one mouth and one nose?

But sometimes I’m in a more gloomier mood,

I ask people questions I don’t understand,

Things that don’t really concern me just yet,

Things that Einstein would not even get.

We have the same blood underneath our skin,

Then, why is there racism?

We treat everyone as equals; yes,

Then, why is there sexism?

We are taught to give to the poor in need,

Then, why are there still people around with greed?

We all are special; you always say,

Then, why’s there rejection and bullying today?

You see, I’m a very curious person,

And I like to ask these questions.

I do a lot of thinking; too much people think,

I’m just too curious; I say.

Why is it always one goose and two geese?

Why is it never one moose and two meese?

Why is it always one mouse and two mice?

Why is it never one house and two hice?

The world is full of questions to me,

Full of wonders and things to explore.

I love to think of ‘Whys’ and ‘What ifs?’

But that’s a story for another time.