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Katie Flinn

Kindergarten Party

One at a time! One at a time!

The teacher screeches as they form a line

Walking in, looking eager

Can’t decide, both or neither?

Cakes and jellies, in a row

1, 2, 3 where did they go?

Bang and sizzle, bonbon cracks

Crunch and ‘mmm’, teacher snacks,

That is when the child cries

The round, fake tears rolling down from her eyes

Shouting ‘all the chips are gone’

‘And I blame it all on John.’

The boy retorts ‘Now, that’s just silly’

‘I think that it was Lily.’

A fight breaks out

More children scream

No longer distracted by sweet strawberries and cream.

But wait a bit, the children sit

They laugh and play once more

The bell then rings

The teacher sings

As they file out the door.