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figures show an outstanding endorsement of renewable energy in

Australia from the public and highlight that Australians do want to

see a greater investment in renewable energy. Furthermore, with

over 26,000 young people petitioning for renewable energy in



, it is clear that the inheritors of our earth are lobbying for

change. This decision is ultimately a test of our moral compasses and

our ability to act for the wellbeing of our present and our future.

At its core, the issues of climate change are those of humanity and

the importance of protecting invaluable resources of our planet.

Greed, politics and power are factors which should not be considered

in regards to this matter where our health and future are involved.

Australia now faces a choice. We can continue subsidising the coal

industry, fuelling our dependence on fossil-fuels, keep mining and

burning coal, keep polluting our air and water. We can keep damaging

our country and heath, be left behind with the rest of the world on

investment and face an uncertain future with an unstable climate;

despair and accept great losses. Or we can harness the potential of

human ability of ingenuity, creativity and cooperation to overcome a

seemingly impossible challenge by switching to 100% clean renewable

energy, creating a safer, healthier, happier future for all.

For the benefit of Australia, her citizens and the world, a

transition to low-carbon electrical sources and renewable energy is

imperative in order for Australia to play its part in global efforts to

minimise the adverse impacts of climate change. The earth is our

most priceless possession and we must no longer exploit it. The

sustenance of humanity depends upon preserving a healthy

biosphere with all its ecological systems, fertile soils, rich diversity of

plants and animals, pure waters and clean air. It is time for the

Australian government to confront the full force of the climate crisis

and recognise the urgency of action and the scale of transition

required to restore a safe climate future. Climatic change inmentality,

approach and action must be overcome to tackle the pressing issue

of catastrophic climate change.

The Australian


Must Stop

Fuelling The

Coal Industry

And Start

Investing In

100% Renewable




Data from the

Australian Youth

Climate Coalition, 2013