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The Fence

Ella Crosby

Time to Write


We are birds, we are free.

The Fence stretched forever, across the world, but to most it was

invisible. It was there, tall, endless and oppressive, yet one could

never reach it. It was always on the horizon, no one could ever reach

it. And on the other side were those who tried to cling to life, though

they should have passed on. They are from all times, all places, all

races, but on the other side of the fence it matters not. They simply

stand there, staring into oblivion, trapped in an endless reliving of

sad memories; in limbo for all eternity.

Only those who had longed for a love lost to the other side could

see it, and they are taunted by brief glimpses of what is on the

other side.

And the most heartbreaking of the people stranded on the other

side of the fence are the children. They are lonely. Confused.

Bewildered. Lost. And most heartbreaking of all: Completely alone.

They reach out into the ghostly space around them, searching

fruitlessly for the warm hand that had always been there before; for

the hugs that they once took for granted; for the people who love

them, and ask for nothing in return. They are the saddest to watch.

Some of the children are stronger. They stand bravely. They

patiently wait for the loved ones who never, ever, come. They press

themselves against the fence, staring at the living, trying in vain for a

tiny piece of recognition.

One of these children, one of the strongest, tried in futile hope to

reach the other side. She was determined to reach the other side.

Her name was Amora.

And on the other side was her twin.

They were two halves of a whole. Without her sister she was

nothing. Her only thought was to be reunited with her sister,

regardless of the consequences.

And so it was that she made a bargain with Death.

One day on the other side, in exchange for the rest of eternity as a

servant to Death. Her only condition being that if anything happened

to her, or her twin, one of themwould be granted freedom from death,

to travel freely between worlds, a spirit to rival Death himself.

And so it was that Amora returned to her twin, Carmen, for one

final day.

And they wandered around the city, admiring the grand houses as

they had always done, splashing in the fountains, scaring the pigeons,

as if nothing had changed.