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Le Feu

Lying on the grass, choking on the smoke as I watch my home burn, along with

everything I care about. Rain and tears mixing in a sad trickle of death and despair.

Everything gone, burnt to ashes in a fire of my own making. Daniel is in there.

Daniel with clear blue eyes that will never wink again. Daniel with a heart that

will never beat again. Daniel with arms that will never hug again. Daniel who is

now a ‘was’ not an ‘is’. Because of me. I do not feel the agony of burnt skin, scorched

muscles or broken bones as I reach out. I am a hollow doll now, with nothing left

to live for. I reach for a lonely straw hat, only slightly singed, lying at the edge of

the rubble. This is me now, slightly charred while everything I know and love lies

smouldering in ruins. The straw hat and I are the only things of Daniel’s left. I

clutch it to my chest as I sink into darkness. We are both broken survivors of the

train wreck that is my life.