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Boobs, tits, melons, coconuts, jugs, or breasts. Whatever you want to

call them, breasts serve one purpose and one purpose only; to provide

milk for a pregnant woman in order for her to feed her child. When

you put it like that, it’s kind of gross to think about the fact that so

many teenage boys and even adult males find females breasts, for a

lack of a better word, absolutely awesome. However there still

remains to be one exception to this notion that ‘boobs are sick’…

when a mother is breastfeeding her child in public, which in fact is

the only purpose a female’s breasts serve, and legitimately the sole

reason she has them.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say we have been in the

following scenario… you’re sitting on an aeroplane, ecstatic to reach

your warm sunny destination of Queensland or wherever you may

be headed, when all of the sudden your excitement is drawn to an

abrupt halt… You can hear a noise screeching over the top of your

free, in-flight headphones... so you pause the newly released movie

you’ve so hastily selected to watch for the flight and put down your

complimentary peanuts… and then it hits you... You are seated

directly in front of what appears to be a baby thirty seconds out of

the womb, screaming and crying uncontrollably for what you know

can only be hours and hours on end.

Now if you think beyond the anger and frustration you are

currently feeling and think for a moment… hmm, this baby could be

either hungry, or scared… both issues which could be aided if not

solved by its mother’s breast-milk… so now you’re all sitting there

thinking ‘eughhhhh can its mum just feed the stupid thing!’ So she

does, and the baby halts its ghastly cries… but one minute later… the

woman and the baby are kicked off the plane for indecent exposure.

Sound ridiculous? It’s true. In 2006, Emily Gillette was thrown off

an aeroplane after attempting to halt the distressed cries of her

infant, all for attempting to create peace for the others on the flight.

So, what are the reasons people find breastfeeding in public so

outrageous and obscene? Because yes, it can be seen as confronting,

however I pose to you a situation. Imagine you are out eating a

delicious meal at a delicious restaurant, when all of the sudden you

see a child being breastfed across the room. Now wait for a moment

before you just automatically think ‘






’ and think about

the situation logically, you are at restaurant because you are eating,

which is what you need to do to stay alive. And despite what you may


Karla Elkington

Alan Patterson

Public Speaking