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, Feb. 25 1917 – Today, Miss Lucille Whittier became the

bride of Mr Stanley Gates at a ceremony performed at the Whittier

Mansion. They were attended by Miss Phyllis Whittier as maid of

honour, sister of the of the bride, and Mr Thomas ‘Tommy’ Colbeck

as best man, fellow graduate and good friend of the happy couple.

The bride donned a blond lace and slate chiffon gown.

The pair graduated from the University of Mississippi’s class of

1916 last summer. They were each part of the Delta Gamma sorority

and Kappa Sigma fraternity and met in their first year at the college.

After a brief honeymoon the Ole Miss alumni will make their home

in downtown Jackson.


Second Lieutenant Stanley Grant

First Division, 16th Infantry

American E.F. France

Sunday 15 July 1917

Jackson, Mississippi

Dearest Sweetheart Stanley,

How lovely it was to receive news from you at last! It relieves me

greatly to hear that you’re alive and well.

I apologise that I did not thank you for the straw boater you left

me! Mother visited yesterday and she let me know that it is indeed a

fine and expensive hat. I shall wear it everywhere I go and speak of

the handsome gentleman who gave it to me whenever it garners a

compliment. All the better that it is a cream ribbon that hugs the

crown of the hat – this will go nicely with any of my dresses and

matches perfectly with the diamond hatpins you gave me many

moons ago.

How I long for you to fill the cold and empty space on your side

of the bed. I comfort myself with the thought that every night I that

endure your absence and pray for your safe return, I am one day

closer to having you in my arms again. Be careful, my love, and do

not forget the girl who is waiting for you in Jackson.

With love,



Ole Miss


Wed In Jackson

Pearl Paguio