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and begin reading hastily.

Music is a wonderful thing, In this book you will learn what are instruments

and the basics


What is music? I pondered that question over and over until I

decide to keep reading.

Flute – This is a Sliver, brass, or gold instrument it is to be blown across the

opening to produce a sound

. Intriguedmy eyes flickered over the diagram

of a flute, I paused, thinking what if I were to make one? What if I

were to create this… Music?

I run outside with my legs bursting with energy. I collect wood

from the nearest pile and run back into my bedroom. I sit carefully

onto my blankets and start using a knife to carve a block of wood into

a simple, wooden flute. I blow hard, expecting a noise but all I hear is

a squeak, I refer back to the book to find that I didn’t have the correct

‘mouth shape’, so I fix it and I start to hear a wonderful note.

I press the holes excitedly, listening to the different sounds, I then

precede to try and play the piece in the book, although the sound was

quite hideous. I had created this music!

During my day of classes, I cannot stop thinking about my

discoveries–how long has society and the government kept this

secret from us? How much information remains from our old life?

How much is being kept a secret?

A plan forms in my head while I’m day dreaming in class. A plan

that involves me breaking into the government’s office and playing

my wooden flute for everyone to hear, for everyone to be inspired

about the secrets that they have kept from us about our old life. We

could build a better society. One that is not so secretive.

I silently creep down the alley ways in my black clothing, my heart

is racing for if this doesn’t work then I could go to jail, or worse I

could be executed. But I try to steer away from my thoughts as I

creep up the hallways and into the reception area. It’s almost the

crack of dawn, people should be waking up soon.

I wonder about the security as I creep up the stairs and down the

narrow, dark hallway. I look at all the nameplates on the doors and

search for one labeled Prime Minister.

“Ahah” I whisper as I have found it. I push open the door, hesitant

to make as noise, and walk over to the desk, people should be waking

up now. I talk into the microphone “ Hello everyone, I am Willow

Nixen and I have unlocked the secret of society, music.” I start to play.

This is a start of a new hope.


Shaped Masks