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Jessica Clarke

Orator of the Year


Tony Abbott kisses nun in Sydney, K Rudd dog posts shaving ‘selfie”,

Likely Australian senator brushes off kangaroo poo fight video,

Clive Palmer has a cold and may miss first day of parliament, White-

bread salami sandwich thrown at Prime Minister Julia Gillard,

Prime Minister Julia Gillard hit by another sandwich during

LynehamHigh School visit. Welcome to Australian Politics, Believe

it or not, these were actual headlines appearing in our media over

the past 10 years. Whilst this may all be a little fun and games, the

wide variety of events occurring this past month made me realise

just how messed up the world’s politics are. In the United States we

have an orange coloured man who is living proof that money can’t

buy you good hair running against Hillary Clinton, Turkey is in

disarray after a failed coup in attempts to throw out the government,

Great Britain’s divided after the highly controversial ‘Brexit’ and

over here we’ve had 5 Prime Ministers in 7 years. This has been a

highly unusual year to say the least.

Politicians have never been painted in a good light but why is

that slight bit of distrust now resulting in such instability worldwide?

I would love to give you a simple easy, peasy answer, but I’m afraid

it’s not quite that simple. Many people claim this downfall was long

coming, but why now exactly? The latest version of the


trust poll which measures how much people trust different

professions produced politicians at the very bottom of their list,

with only 19% of people believing there is such things as honest

politicians. This is an unfathomable drop of 58% over the past 42

years. Earlier this week the


ethics index rated politicians the

worst rating of all occupations. I have researched the background of

our current Prime Minister Mr Turnbull, our local member Josh

Frydenberg and our first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. They

all seem like perfectly good people that we should be able to trust,

so why don’t we?

The economic crisis in 2007–2008 plummeted the amounts of

trust in national governments to record lows and it hasn’t much

recovered since. Our new modern era and scientific revelations

have made us begin to question our surroundings, and the

governments are in clear shooting range. Us as a society are now

beginning to see the many errors in the ways of politicians. We are

beginning to question the government and their decisions, and

feeling no fear in speaking out if we feel mislead. We are looking for