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Cover Up

Catherine Andronis

Isobelle Carmody Award

For Creative Writing


Alex was by far the most popular girl at her school. She had it all;

beauty, brains and the ability to dance and not look like an awkward

chicken. All the girls treated her like a God and all the boys were

deeply in love with her. You’d think that she would be happy, but she

was anything but.

Alex lived a life that wasn’t hers. She was a fake and lost hours of

sleep afraid someone would find her out. Alex wasn’t who anyone

thought she was.

Her mother had bought her a dull rose coloured winter coat a few

months ago that she loved at the time. Her mother had spent a

handsome sum of money on the coat to ensure that Alex would wear

it all winter. At the time Alex knew she would wear that coat until it

was splotched with stains and falling apart, but as she grew, Alex

came to hate everything about the coat. It hugged her figure so that

you could clearly see her hips and curves. It made Alex feel like a girl,

which she no longer wanted to be. Though she hated the coat, she

kept wearing it as she loved her mother and would never want to

disappoint her. This was why she was scared to tell her mother she

was actually a boy. Her mother would never accept her, so Alex kept

quiet and continued to live a lie.

It was her last few weeks of high school and Alex felt like she was

drowning in the sea of lies she’d created for herself. She had grown

into this personality that wasn’t hers. Alex wanted so desperately to

be a boy, but she had become this incredibly popular, beautiful girl.

Would she be treated the same once she became a boy? Surely not.

Her friends would think of her as a freak. If Alex were to become a

boy she’d miss the comfortable life she had built for herself. But, the

Alex her friends knew her as was simply a character she had created.

Alex was the girl with the supposedly beautiful life harbouring a

deep, dark secret.

Alex became increasingly unhappy each time she put on the

abhorrent pink, winter coat. For it meant another day pretending

to be who she wasn’t. It was only a matter of time before she broke,

before she snapped in two and let out her secret. And that she did.

It was on April sixth that Alex finally broke. She was home by

herself. Her reflection in the bathroom mirror repulsed her, so

much so that she started smashing bottles of floral scented perfume;