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The bright orange glow of the sun painted the sky’s blue canvas a

mellow pink and indigo, which reflected upon the calming dark hue

of the ocean waves. Stunning sights like this had always spoken to

Anthea. It wasn’t that they had a voice, rather that they sent her

messages of tranquility and soothed her heart; blessing her with a

stunning array of colours. Scenes like these gave her goosebumps

and took her breath away. No matter how many times she’d seen

them, the beauty of nature returned to surprise her again and again.

Sight had always been an irreplaceable aspect of Anthea’s life.

Ever since she could remember, her mother would take her to the

beach to watch sunsets, or take her hiking in the mountains to see

the view from above. She would tell her bedtime stories of knights

who rode into the golden heavens of dawn, or recount tales of

fairies who played in pastel-coloured rainbows. Her words would

paint breathtaking pictures before Anthea’s eyes. Coupled with

dewy forests and flowing rivers, sight was a treasure Anthea valued

above all else.


Everything went wrong on a Wednesday, like it always did. Anthea

didn’t know what was wrong with Wednesdays –maybe they were

too far into the week but not close enough to the weekend–but

something always inevitably happened on a Wednesday. Anthea had

received her first failing mark on a Wednesday and had broken her

armon aWednesday; her parents had even divorced on aWednesday.

This Wednesday, she’d overslept and missed the sunrise. She was

forced to take the shortcut to school rather than the relaxing,

picturesque path she so loved. She sat through the school day,

doodling flowers in the corner of her notebook and dreaming about

how the waves would look from below the sunlit ocean surface.

After school had ended, Anthea treated herself to the prettier

route home. The day had gotten better. The sun was now shining

and fluffy white clouds were few and far between, spread out across

the bluest sky since winter had come. She took her time walking

through the park, the last scenic stop before foggy grey fumes and

noisy intersections returned.

The pedestrian light turned green and beeped its signal. Anthea

reluctantly left the garden behind. The same light began blinking


Angela Lin