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Ms Danielle Cooper

Learning Leader


In the novel

I for Isobel

by Australian author, Amy Witting, the

protagonist spends much of her childhood and adolescence denying

and suppressing her talent for words and writing. It is not until the

closing pages that she no longer denies the ‘word factory’ and finally

acknowledges that she has ‘met someone’ – herself. In declaring ‘


am a writer

’, Isobel feels liberated. Studied in VCE English classes

this year, this novel delivers a strong message to budding writers.

Likewise, Marcus Zusak’s

The Book Thief

, studied at Year 8, endorses

the joy that comes from writing through his protagonist, Liesel,

who recognises that ‘

words had brought her to life


The collection of writing in this year’s Scripsi once again

showcases the many Ruyton students with a talent for language and

writing. Through experimenting with a range of forms and styles,

students have been able to explore, reflect, create and contemplate

their world through powerful and precise images and descriptions.

Many pieces in this 2016 edition of Scripsi evolved from English

and Literature classes, or in response to the annual Isobelle

Carmody Short Story Competition. The Literature Club is to be

thanked for devising this year’s topics: The Coat, Clandestine and

Remember, which produced deeply stirring, thought-provoking

narratives. Ruyton was privileged to have the 2016 Vogel’s Literary

Award winner, Katherine Brabon, as the judge of the Carmody

stories. Katherine commended the students on their creativity and

originality, while encouraging them to pursue their passion for

reading and writing. The annual Orator of the Year competition

also produced speeches which moved, persuaded and shocked, as

students experimented with persuasive language and techniques. I

hope that you enjoy reading the winning speeches at each year level

as much as the School enjoyed listening to them.


The Ruyton English Department takes great pleasure in presenting


2016. Acknowledgements must go to the English teachers

who have supported and encouraged their students to pursue a love

of writing: Mrs Kiri Adams, Mr Tim Adams, Mrs Diane Berold,

Mr Jason Forrest, Mrs Alison Paisley, Miss Lilian Shen, Mr Paul

Upperton and Mr Walter Zavattiero. We are also grateful to Ms

Tonya Peters, Director of Development, who has helped to facilitate

this publication.