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There was a knock on the door and a little boy ran and opened it. All of a sudden

the child leapt into the man’s arms and gave him the biggest hug. He started to cry...

His phone rang and he slipped his hand inside his leather pocket.

He answered the phone and said “John’s speaking”. A few minutes

later he placed the phone back inside his jacket pocket and looked

up at his concerned wife Anne and two children who were gazing

up at him. All he could say was sorry. His work partner Simon had

called and said that some urgent work had to be attended to

involving their old colleague George. His eyes and expression on

his face told them a lot more information though. He stood up and

left the house with a disgusted look on his face, and thought “why

today?? What could be more urgent than some well earned time

with my family?”

A man slowly emerged from the side of a dark, dingy alley way.

He looked around cautiously to see if he was being watched or

followed. He had wrapped his big, long, hairy arm wrapped around

the side of his waist; he was clearly hiding something in his jacket as

there was a big bulge pushing from the inside out. Little did he

know that in fact there was someone watching him. There was John

who had just driven in the car park across the road. John was a spy

who worked undercover for


(Australian Secret Intelligence

services.) He carefully opened the car roof and slid quietly through

it so he made no noise opening the car door. He casually crossed the

road and started to follow the unusual and suspicious man. John

could feel his heart racing; he sometimes found his job spine-

chilling and hair-raising when he thought about arresting a

potential mass murderer. He also loved the thrill of living by

multiple names and going undercover.

John was darting from doorway to doorway peering out from

behind corners. He felt himself reach down beside his cold, skinny

waist and wrap his hand tightly around his 740 pistol. As John was

about to turn the corner where the man had stopped to catch his

breath, he released his hand from the gun as he heard a familiar

voice. It was close, as though he could reach out and touch it. He

narrowed his eyes and squinted around the corner to see George.

He looked up and down at the dark and ragged man that used to be

full of life and now looked as if he had seen death. John examined

his old colleague and noticed that he had confidential files from


headquarters inside his jacket. John wanted to ask him why he





Abigail Richards