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I can see it in the distance,

It’s too far away to touch,

My legs tremble,

Muscles twitch,

One step and then the next,

It’s getting closer with every breath.

A tiger lurks behind me,

It’s breath on my neck.

My heart is a beating drum,

With the crowd as the symphony.

One step and then the next,

It’s getting even closer yet.

The wind brushes my hair,

The grass licks my ankles,

Dirt climbs my back,

Rain splatters like paint across my face.

One step and then the next,

Faster and faster I need to get.

I surge ahead,

Breaking free from the pack,

Victory washes over me,

Success is sweet.

One step and the final one,

Finish line, triumph, it’s all mine..


Eliza Klotz