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Dear Felicity,

Remember that old movie we used to watch when we were little?

IronMan? It was so funny to us to think how people then could only

imagine things like that. Now everything that was just a fragment of

their imagination could be real. Just eight years ago, I thought

everything was perfect. Only in my mind’s eye did I see the death

and chaos that the world could be. Now my imagination is a reality.

I can’t escape it, but what I can do is make believe, just like I was in

a movie. I can pretend, that the world is safe, perfect even. But in

the end, it’s just a big mirage that I’ve whipped up for myself. The

oasis that I see in the distance will never get bigger, just like the

dreams I dream in my sleep will never be real. All I’m doing is

searching for something that I can’t reach. Maybe I’ll stay in this

mirage. Maybe it’ll make the pain of insanity disappear. Maybe this

past world of ours will remain in my mind until everything returns

to nothing. You’ll live for longer than I will, but remember, the

memories of us will last for eternity, even if I’m a world away.

Forever and Always,


Felicity watched the beautiful blueness of her old home morph into

a ball of fire. Tears dripped down her face, staining the dark blue ink

of Vanessa’s last words. Helpless, Felicity stood in front of the glass,

suffering in silence. She felt the warm grasp of Vanessa’s hug,

welcoming her home.

It’s a mirage. An illusion so real you want it to be true.

A trick of the mind

. Nothing more, nothing less.