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forecast says that we’ll live for another three years before there’s too

much carbon dioxide in the air and the atmosphere collapses. I’m

not sure I believe that. I don’t want to, but maybe secretly, I do.



Vanessa drew a lone, white daisy in a field of grey, reminiscing those

days of innocence only a few years ago. The Program had made the

world a chaotic mess, anyone willing to do anything for the safety of

their family. A crisis had torn the world apart, returning it to the

almost animalistic world of the 1900s. It had suddenly become save

yourself, and if not, protect your family. Felicity and a thousand

others were chosen for the rescue mission, while Vanessa had not

been. While everyone else celebrated, their family spent the last

days of their union doing everything that we could ever do together.

Memories are important. They always were.


Dear Vanessa,

This letter might be the last you read. The government told us today

that they were going to nuke the world before you suffocate. They

say the risk of us losing our gravitational attraction to the earth will

be too high if the atmosphere imploding pushes us off course. Even

if you’ll never see me old and wrinkly, I want your last thought to be

of me, those times when we were little, still innocent, clinging to

each other for hope and strength. Remember me like I am, the

irritable older sister, never leaving your side. Pour those memories

in your mind like concrete, and never,



A Ghost,