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Chloe Huang



Dear Vanessa,

It’s so lonely up here without you. My house and my area is a replica

of New York, and it looks the same. They say that everything on

earth is still there, but I don’t know. Are you still there? The smell of

you on your woollen coat has faded, but I can still imagine it, as I lie

with you and mum on the couch lazily watching TV. I miss it so

much, your smile lighting up the room, your laugh ringing in my ears

as I laugh with you too. They say I’ll be able to send letters to you

now, but only once a year. It seems too much distance between us,

considering that the forecast is that our home will be turned into a

wasteland in a few years.

There are no wild animals here, but I’ve been trying to get a

permit to adopt a dog just like Ollie. How’s life on earth? Can you

still see the wild roses lining the walls of the museum? I wish I

could come and see, but I’m stuck here until eternity passes.



Felicity put down her pen, a torrent of memories swarming into her

mind like a flood. It felt like she was trapped, stuck here forever.


didn’t I feel like this on earth?

She thought, I couldn’t leave then, and


can’t leave now.

Ticking off the 358th day on her calendar, she sighed,

her breath a silvery white in the cold air. Sucked into her memories,

tears ran down her face, reminiscing the past.


Dear Felicity,

I can still see where you are at the top of our house. Mumhas stopped

watchingTV, saying it reminds her of you toomuch.The government

says there might still be a chance that we can save ourselves,

emphasising that we must never lose hope. I already have, accepting

my incoming death like a weight onmy shoulders. Not on everything,

though, as there’s still you, my guardian angel, my only hope. The