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On My Own


“I remember when I was little and Dad would have to travel a lot

for work. You’d make sure he called everyday to talk to me. I always

loved to help you cook dinner. I remember my first day of school.

All the other kids were crying and clutching to their parents but I

gave you a hug and happily skipped into the classroom.”

A small chuckle slipped from my lips.

“You called me, two days before the crash, saying you were coming

to visit me. I was going to surprise you and give you the news that

I’d graduated from uni but I guess that didn’t work out.”

I wiped more tears away from my cheeks. My head tilted up as

the machine by her bed began to beep louder and faster. I was ready

to call for a Doctor when the beeping slowed again.

“I remember.”

Her voice was hoarse and barely audible. I gasped and jumped

up from my seat.


“I remember the crash,” she spoke again, her voice cracking.

A lump formed in my throat. “What do you remember?”

“It was a grey, rainy day. I was with your father. A car swerved

suddenly, losing control. The last thing I remember…“

“She’s awake! Doctor Johnson!” A nurse called, cutting her off.

Doctor Johnson hurried inside, followed hastily by two more


“Serena. Nice to see you’re finally up,” Doctor Johnson stated

with a warm smile.

She didn’t respond. She didn’t even move.



“Mum?” I repeated, my voice breaking, the lump in my throat


Her eyes flickered and her fingers twitched. She motioned for

me to step closer. I leaned my head next to hers and she smiled, a

weak and small smile.

“I love you Skylar. Don’t ever forget that. You’re going to do great

things, I know it. Make your father and I proud. We’ll be watching

you,” she whispered into my ear. My own tears fell onto her cheeks.

“I love you Mum.”

Our eyes met for a moment of silence. All the memories we

shared were replayed in our minds.