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Dust billowed off the box as I pulled the resisting top flaps open. I

reached in, running my fingers through the array of materials before

grasping a soft pink sweater adorned with blue hearts. I brought it

to my nose, inhaling its aroma. Dust gathered in my passages and I

coughed violently, attempting to expel it.

It did not smell like her anymore.

I heard Corey’s car door slam and I cringed, bracing myself for the

verbal assault I was sure to face. My bedroom door slammed

deafeningly against the wall.

‘Grace! How could you!’


‘No, I don’t want to hear your pathetic excuses! I really, really

liked him and you chased him away. What kind of sister even does

that?’ Elaine crossed her arms, her steely gaze resting on me as her

heeled boot tapped incessantly on the floor.

‘He was a jerk!’ I crossed my own arms, mirroring my sister’s

stance. Legs apart. Chin raised.

‘But I love him.’

‘No you don’t.’

‘You don’t even know what love is.’ Elaine seethed.

‘I love you, don’t I?’

I glanced reproachfully from the box of chocolates to the stark white

door. The strong scent of antiseptic assaulted my nose. The

screeching of stretchers and hushed conversations echoed around

me. I let out a shaky breath.

‘Grace I can hear your heavy breathing through the door. Stop

dawdling and get in here.’

I let out a soft laugh before carefully pushing the door open.

‘I didn’t want to scare you with how gruesome I look,’ I

murmured, forcefully stretching my thin lips into a smile. By the

dulling of her emerald eyes I could tell it was too wide to seem


‘Well it’s too late for that. I can see that horrid looking pimple on

your chin, are you sure it’s not alive?’

I gasped, sending Elaine an icy look before throwing the box of

chocolates at her. I regretted it immediately. Elaine winced as the

box hit her stomach.




Isobelle Carmody Award

For Creative Writing